Christian McBride's New Jawn

Release Date: 11/2/2018
Catalog Number: MAC1133
Style: Post Bop
Number of Discs: 1
Length: 142 Minutes

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1. Walkin' Funny
1. Walkin' Funny
2. Ke-Kelli Sketch
2. Ke-Kelli Sketch
3. Ballad of Ernie Washington
4. Ballad of Ernie Washington
4. The Middle Man
5. Ballad of Ernie Washington
5. Pier One Import
6. The Middle Man
6. Kush
7. The Middle Man
7. Seek the Source
8. The Middle Man
8. John Day
9. Pier One Import
9. Sightseeing
10. Pier One Import
11. Pier One Import
12. Kush
13. Kush
14. Kush
15. Seek the Source
16. Seek the Source
17. Seek the Source
18. John Day
19. John Day
20. John Day
21. Sightseeing
22. Sightseeing
23. Sightseeing
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Jawn [jän]: noun. A slang terminology from Philadelphia. All-purpose term for a person, place or thing


If there’s one thing the acclaimed bassist knows, it’s that when it comes to grit there’s no better resource to draw from than his own hometown, Philadelphia. So, McBride turned to one of the city’s most beloved colloquialisms to christen his latest project, Christian McBride’s New Jawn. On the band’s eponymous debut, these four stellar musicians ably walk the razor’s edge between thrilling virtuosity and gut-punch instinctiveness. The release will be available on October 26 via Brother Mister Productions, McBride’s own newly launched imprint of his longtime label, Mack Avenue Records.

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