Release Date: 2/1/2019
Label: Mack Avenue
Catalog Number: 1145
Number of Discs: 1
Length: 69 Minutes

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1. Africa
1. Africa
2. Estamos Llegando
2. Estamos Llegando
3. Estamos Llegando
3. Thriller
4. Thriller
4. Cosas del Amor
5. Thriller
5. Duologue
6. Cosas del Amor
6. El Punto Cubano
7. Duologue
7. Flor
8. Duologue
8. Jardín Soñador
9. El Punto Cubano
9. Super Mario Bros 3
10. El Punto Cubano
10. Mariposa
11. Flor
11. Yo Volveré
12. Flor
13. Jardín Soñador
14. Jardín Soñador
15. Super Mario Bros 3
16. Super Mario Bros 3
17. Mariposa
18. Mariposa
19. Yo Volveré
20. Yo Volveré
Notes and Editorial Reviews

Grammy®-nominated artists Alfredo Rodríguez and Pedrito Martinez first worked together on Alfredo’s 2012 release The Invasion Parade. Since that initial recording session, they have had the rare occasion to perform together as a duo, leaving audiences completely mesmerized by their fearless and virtuosic playing.

Each artist brings a different approach to the collaboration. A protégé of Quincy Jones, who took him under his wing when he defected to the US in 2009, Alfredo was schooled in the rigorous classical conservatories of Havana. His riveting artistry is informed as much by Bach and Stravinsky as it is by his Afro Cuban and jazz roots. Pedrito’s musical training came directly from the streets of the Cayo Hueso neighborhood of Old Havana in which he was raised and he has subsequently performed with artists such as Sting, Paul Simon, and Wynton Marsalis. Together, these two master musicians take listeners on a unique and exciting journey on Duologue.

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