Kinds of Love

Release Date: 9/3/2021
Catalog Number: 2104
Number of Discs: 1

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1. Silk
2. Kinds of Love
3. In Time Like Air
4. The Golden Triangle
5. Evermore
6. Passing Jupiter
7. Life Does Not Wait (A Vida Não Espera)
8. Swoop
9. Blessings in a Year of Exile
Notes and Editorial Reviews

Renee Rosnes - Kinds of Love is in itself a manifestation of a few of those ideas. The staggering all-star quintet that Rosnes assembled for the occasion - saxophonist Chris Potter, bassist Christian McBride, drummer Carl Allen, and percussionist Rogério Boccato - represent a deep web of friendships and collaborations stretching back decades in some cases. And for many of them, the recording date marked one of their first times back in a studio after the long dry spell of 2020. Rosnes seized the opportunity to craft a full album's worth of new compositions, conceived with these particular voices, and their singular combination, in mind.


The respect and love that these five musicians feel for one another and for the act of making music together is abundantly, joyously clear throughout Kinds of Love; just witness the boisterous groove laid down by McBride, Allen and Boccato on the fervid opener, "Silk," or the playful back-and-forth between Rosnes and Potter on "The Golden Triangle." The latter was named in honor of the Village Vanguard, whose iconic stage has seen its fair share of such vivid interplay.


But fittingly given the album's title, that infectious exuberance is far from the only mood explored on this rich album. The past year has also brought troubling aspects of modern life into stark relief, and Rosnes has spent her fair share of time pondering those unresolved issues. The fact that many of them are deeply rooted in people's inability to recognize, honor or respect other kinds of love influenced her as well.

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