Release Date: 11/20/2020
Label: Double Moon
Catalog Number: DMCHR71377
Number of Discs: 1

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1. Páslo Dievca Pávy
2. Intro Pokúšenie
3. Pokúšenie
4. Dance Between Two Pines
5. Knochenmann
6. Cosmic Dreamscape
7. Rozlúcka
8. Terranauts
9. Hoehentraum
10. Coral
Notes and Editorial Reviews

Zuzana Leharová impressively combines her cultural background with her unlimited love for jazz in her music. As a matter of course, folkloristic melodies merge with jazz solos to free improvisations. Zuzana Leharová writes: “The music on this album is inspired by the scenes of the life-hungry person in me, the fusion of my longings, the leftover memories of my origins, dreams and wondrous encounters in life and the rebellion against self-made lack of freedom. The unreal and the real naturally blur into one another.” She is joined on this release by an all-star lineup including Constantin Krahmer, Joscha Detz, Nils Tegen, and Bastian Stein.

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