Our People

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/7/2019
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Multi-instrumentalist and composer Gerry Gibbs returns with his 12th album as a leader, Our People. Unlike anything the visionary musician has ever produced before, this epic, 19-part suite is a sonic masterpiece that pays tribute to the many different cultures that make up our world. Our People sounds like a full orchestra but is, in fact, the work of five gifted multi-instrumentalists- two of which are part of Gerry’s versatile Thrasher People Band. The amalgamation of styles and influences create a wonderfully universally significant sound that seems to transcend genre while awing listeners.

1. The Calm Before the Storm
Length: 02:08
2. The Journey Begins
Length: 06:24
3. Music from the Universe
Length: 05:50
4. Our People
Length: 04:17
5. Dance of the Freedom People
Length: 03:42
6. The Streets
Length: 05:16
7. Oh Yeah!
Length: 04:17
8. Boys Sent to Die
Length: 02:52
9. Messengers on the Run
Length: 02:11
10. Chick Corea
Length: 01:44
11. Friends Before We Were Friends, Pt. 1
Length: 04:45
12. Friends Before We Were Friends, Pt. 2
Length: 00:57
13. Flying on the Wings of a Fantasy
Length: 02:24
14. Volkswagen, Peace Signs and Dashiki's
Length: 02:09
15. Mike and Lenny
Length: 01:08
16. Thrasher People's Blue
Length: 04:23
17. Memories of Home
Length: 03:39
18. The Final Message
Length: 06:37
19. We Now Return You Back to Your Reality
Length: 01:23
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 66:06
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